BlockTech Ventures’ CEO Dean Sutton was interviewed for Forbes magazine on cryptocurrency, ICOs, whitepapers and investing.

There are hundreds of whitepapers out there on new cryptocurrency ventures and new businesses that are coming out of the woodwork, all promising that they have the next decentralization solution. The problem is that people consider whitepapers to be actual legal documents, instead of a preliminary mission statement. “It’s an interesting theory to read about,” says crypto-pioneer and influencer, Dean Sutton, the CEO of BlockTech Ventures. But execution is a completely different topic, and industry validation is a third, separate conversation… Read the full article on Forbes

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Dean Sutton was interviewed by Captial Event Conferences on what BlockTech is doing and where the company is headed.


Dean Sutton, CEO and Founder of BlockTech Ventures was interviewed by BTV where he shared how the company is providing real-world blockchain solutions as well as the company’s plans to launch 3 to 4 enterprise companies in 2018.