Our team

  • JAMES BLACKCanadian Securities Exchange
  • SHONE ANSTEYBlockchain Intelligence Group
  • TEJINDER BASIex Deloitte Cyber Security
  • JOHN KOETSIERTech Analyst & Forbes contributor
  • RORY GODINHOMiller Thomson
  • DEAN SUTTONChairman & CEO

    Mr. Sutton has over a decade of direct experience as a technology entrepreneur and founder, with a focus on commercialization and the intersection of venture capital, technology and public-private markets. Always focused on emerging technology, he has been in the digital asset industry since 2014 when he started in digital mining and working with teams to develop decentralized technologies. He is a sought after blockchain industry thought leader, investor and speaker, advisor to the Blockchain Association of Canada, and founder of BlockTech Ventures Inc.

  • W. (BILL) MCGRAWPresident & COO

    Mr. McGraw is a tech industry veteran with hands on experience with startups since the late 1990’s. He specializes in assisting early stage companies with investment, commercialization, scaling and monetization. He serves on several boards and is President/COO/co-founder of BlockTech Ventures, responsible for launching BlockTech Lab, a Vancouver based blockchain accelerator focused on commercializing blockchain technology in the Enterprise. Mr. McGraw is also responsible for the Corporate Consensus consulting (more…)


    Ms. Bal Bhullar brings over 25 years of diversified financial and risk management experience in both private and public companies. Among her areas of experience, Ms. Bhullar brings expertise in financial & strategic planning, operational & risk management, regulatory compliance reporting, business expansion, start-up operations, financial modeling, program development, corporate financing, and corporate governance/internal controls. Previously, Ms. Bhullar has held various positions as President of BC Risk Management Association  (more…)

  • TECH TEAMSCTO, Blockchain Architecture & Development

    In-house blockchain architecture and development teams, working with our distributed Tech Team #1 & #2

  • KEVAN MATHESONBusiness Development

    Mr. Matheson is blockchain and cryptocurrency researcher and corporate consultant with a background in data analytics, as well as institutional finance, having previously worked as an analyst with RBC Global Asset Management.