The forefront of blockchain technology commercialization.

About Blocktech Ventures

Fully integrated solutions for the blockchain venture industry

BlockTech Ventures is a fully integrated blockchain technology company that has established a business model for the development, incubation and commercialization of blockchain enabled technology platforms and companies.



What We Do

Technology, Capital, Expertise.

In a unique combination of business and technical expertise, BlockTech provides end-to-end solutions to corporations looking to understand, specify and develop distributed ledger systems into their business, industry and existing technology stack.

Corporate Consulting & Advisory
Technology Development
Commercial Venture Acceleration

BlockTech Ventures is a key contributor to the growth of the thriving BC Blockchain Eco-System. Dean Sutton leads through positive impact, delivering the potential of blockchain technologies in a way that establishes new economic and social values while reflecting the highest values of the communities BlockTech Ventures serves.

- Manie Eagar, Chairman, Blockchain Association of Canada


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